Sullen lips and incandescent, she wore her unkept hair piled and pinned like a casual crown, and her heart, that, was worn as a sleeve adornment. 

 As precisely as she planned, she forever ended up carrying more than her slight and slightly awkward ballet dancers frame would allow for, her lovely arms always spilling forth what the dazzling, glittering antique clutch she had inherited could not possibly swallow, and her heart was much the same. It quietly spewed the jumble of wonderful it contained, and in this particular heart, with it’s endless hodge podge of all things gracious and wistful, a seed had begun to grow there. This was a wild rooted thing, called love, a quiet and observant love, for as daper and refined in appearance and intellect as Harold was, it appeared that even with his glasses to aid his site in his mid life years, he could not see what was so clearly beneath his nose!