And when one finds that darkness ignites the sky, only then to say we hang a fang on all that tethers us to this mortal coil. We, the politely unhinged,asses the solitary moments to be far more present than others. For time alone is a treasure, I drive far from the demons, other angels be my co pilot, for I am one of the marked put upon this earth to give others cause to pause, think, ponder, to upset and offend the treasured balance. I assure you, those entirely afraid require it the most!

To be amongst those with dark friends in strange places who owe one interesting favors, I can assure you, double dipping in the pool of cool does no one any severe favors. I am your spectral host, to bring you from the here to the near, as someone always has the sweet smell of regret. By having solitary moments one may then be present to others.

I drive far away from these demons, our angels my co pilots, zig zagging through the under belly of the city to appease the need. The universe requests, I, answer. Answers enough to fill every void.

Time alone is a treasure. I drive towards vast emptiness, fulfill this dark sinew, to make me whole again.