• *****This was written December 23, 2006 as part of my Christmas gift to my brother Robert G. Egnatovich Jr. He passed unexpectantly on November 29, 2016, I am still in shock, unable to conceive of any words to connect to his death, so for now, all I can do is share the words of my love for “Worlds Best Big Brother”, he would call me “Little Sister”, always with a grin in his voice, knowing that I will never again here his voice shatters me beyond comprehension.*****
  • When I was a little girl, you were my big hero. You never raised your voice or your hand, just helped to raise your baby sister. I have within me hundreds of memories of our childhood, all banked safely in my heart, these are my favorite gifts you gave me through out the years. Be it the many times you wiped my tears, spoiled me rotten, or listened to me and answered my many questions, these things will always remain precious to me.

We are older, yet you still take the time to take care of me, and for this, I know I am blessed. For all of the times you have held me up in some of my darker moments, I have had the chance to do the same for you, and I always will. We do not judge one another, we rely on one another, we laugh at and with each another. We rejoice in each others triumphs and mourn together with our heart aches. We are grown, but never to grow apart. For with the culmination of years, we are more than merely brother and sister, we are friends, true blue.

Now you are a husband and a father, and my heart often swells with pride at the small moments I am privy to. You share that part of your life with me, and in turn, I can share our childhood memories with your children. And sometimes, when you and I get a quiet moment to sit and talk, I often marvel at your honesty and integrity.

This year for Christmas, I intend to be certain you know just how proud I am for all that you do and all that you are. We may no longer be children, but you must know that you always have been, and always will be my hero.

Big Brother, I love you!