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Every pure extrication of you

Makes me believe

That perhaps I might deserve

Something more

Something far more reaching

A desire far more pure

And great expectations

Of the likes I have never known

Why must this tickle of desire not be quelled

And why must I search for you

When you are straight before me



 The shift of laughter breaking, like waves upon a jetty

 When a lifetime of jagged right angles shifts to the world being perfectly round

 And the answer to every question is, why not

 Entirely untethered, wretched, and beautiful

The time is NOW

  Her worn red suede boots kept an odd rhythm upon the uneven sidewalk, her stride broken into a strange saunter to accomidate the accumulated scar tissue her body housed. The near ocean air swept crazy tendrils across her faint smile, as her arm cradled her evenings companion, a svelte body of celebratory bubbly, something significant was in her sights, and the walk home had a particular sweet meloncholy.

 The time was now, this shifting drifter to once again take flight, take up residance in a new town, and allow the next chapter to write itself. Her departure shall coincide with the day her most beloved left her to take a dirt nap in the bone orchard, the symbolism was not lost on her. 

 Though she would miss all she could count on in her current existance, it had become so very predictable, and that had no appeal to her any longer. She was not the type of gal who wanted to have more than a vague inclination as to what each day would hold, she enjoyed the spark of mystery, and for some time, that has dwindled to mearly a burning ember at best.

 The time was now, the destination, a sleepy country town she never heard of, to find something that she seemed to have lost. Soon, the days will grow longer, the night sounds will chatter louder, and warmth will muscle out the old cold, and she will find herself ambling along country roads by foot or bicycle, drinking it all in, savoring the newness, and turning many corners, to find what comes next.

A girl who became a Phoenix

She stood at the corner of Bad Decisions and Regret

Her pain was vibrant, it sliced through the stratosphere

She wore her sorrow as her crown

This terrible solitude

Such the Svengali

To see with dead eyes

This fractured soul

She can no longer hear the music

But soon, soon

A blanket of new shall envelope her

As she moves down the shimmering boulevard

And she will once again rise

The Phoenix from the flames

She don’t play nice

As Clementine shimmied and swayed upon the bar top, she swung her lippy hips with such terrific, viscious force that as she leaned low to shoot whiskey from the bottle the bar keep innocently left unattended, she heard above the hootin and hollerin a masdculine drawl yell out, ” watch it darlin, don’t want ya to go breakin yerself” and as she turned her attentions to the dumb fuck who spoke too soon, she summoned a bright smile and purred at him ” I was born broken ” and proceeded to introduce his face to her boot.

And just as casual as yesterday, she hopped down off the bar, swiped her road worn suede jacket from the hands of one of the many stunned bar patrons , and waltzed out the front door, leaving the poor son of a bitch stranded on his back, not entirely sure what, or who, in this case, hit em.

Ya see, when ya trade the brawl for the drawl, don’t play with gals like Clementine, because as she’s said before, you’ll only end up winning yerself a mouthful of teeth. Not such a pity in this case, doubt the dumb yokel had anything close to a full set before she got to him.

Strange desire

 I wish to press

My very being against you

We know, but we don’t

Strangers, but not so

I crave the nearness of you

 And I dare not to care

 Time and distance hold nothing on desire.

 The universe has careened wrecklesly past hearts

 And yet I shall not be torn asunder

 To drown in convention

 You, this lovely mystery

 I implore you

 To not think, just do

 And find me amongst the sea of many

 As my eyes and lips seek you out

 I strangely trust in you

 And somehow know

 You shall not disappoint   

Hearts and Souls

 The summation of our lives is not built in days ticked off on a calender, or the accumulation of items, but rather the culmination of moments well spent. The ache of many belly laughs, and the starkness of loss. The snap of many lovely mental photographs, and the break of many brittle tears. One should always be in wonder of the depth and breadth of the human heart.

 Could one ever dare to hope, that when they have gone to pass, that others shall say in quiet admiration, There was a life well lived! To have sifted through the rubble and still yet found their heart, beating ferociously, ready for the next round, that, that to me, is the mark of greatness. To be so brazen as to soldier on despite the pain, striving for the next bright, bold, brilliant moment to bank deep within ones soul, it is the brass ring, grasp it if you dare.

 My dearest of friends once wrote to me ” You have surpassed holding a place in my heart, because hearts are fickle, they can be broken, and each one eventually ceases to be. You have a home in my soul”. Our hearts are both tough and lovely, allow sunshine to stream through it, even when it feels cold and grey, the darkness is temporary, I promise, and your soul shall follow. 

The right flavor of wrong

Clementine knew that her lipey hips had nearly won her a mouthful of teeth on many a late night after dangling strings at the local yokels, there was the occasional surprise when some skel wasn’t so pickled that he couldn’t tell she was gonna roll him. If it weren’t the sweet talk, she relyed on being scrappy and havin good aim, hell, she had many a shiner in her day to chuckle over, ain’t no shame in that, just testimony.

Sometimes, her anger shone straight through her and punched holes in the sky, and when that happened, the world parted like the Red Sea, NO ONE  wanted a piece of that. Other times, it smoldered slowly, like steam rising after an August rain on Georgia asphalt, you could see it, feel it, and get close enough, taste it. She tried years back to reign it in, but it only wrecked her, made her soft and soggy, and she was built for speed, not comfort.

Nah, she knew her cruelty, she got cozy with it, it kept the right ones out.

She became

She knew him to be a mere blip on the radar of the heart, one who wished to stifle her , though his attempts to be in vein, she was still yet she.

He fought to own her heart, yet she stood fast, never allowing the unwelcome to draw her usunder, as she knew she was more than he, never to be owned, never to be tethered to the unhealthy fragments he gave in burnt offerings.

She repelled, gaining strength in all he wished to own and shred to bits in his sick torment. She became more than he,and  that tore at his misaligned needs in the worst of ways.

She fell away, and into her own place and space,and that was not well recieved, though she grew to dare not care, she knew she had grown to become something other, despite his svengali attempts to own and rule. She sliped slowly and gently into her own pleasant rhythm, against the outcry of many.

She walked alone, happily and content , in her own sphere of sheer delight, for once being the captain of her own ship, casting her radiant glow random, happily, and without apology, for she had come to learn, and accept, and best yet, embrace who she truly was, despite misguided efforts of others who wished to derail her forward motion.

Today,and each day to come, she knew that her decisions, her hearts desire and all that will come to be, shall be despite others wishes, for today, she began to live her life despite others wishes, this was her chance to make her mark, and to be ever proud of all that had become, and shall be.


Wendy wanders forward

Wendy grew weary of the endless parade of Peter Pans in her life, however enchating they were at the onset, their charm grew thinner than moon air faster than crocodiles jaws could snap shut! The vague dazzle mearly fizzled any more, for now she knew she was not to be squandered, she had been shown that she was worthy of more than the quick glimmer of fairy dust, she deserved the one thing that all in Neverland cowar from, love.

To love, and to be loved in return, was simple human nature, and Wendy was after all, a human girl, with a human heart, and we all know the most vital organ to be protected most ferociously, is, the heart. She was taught by her mother as a young girl to love with every angle of it, and later in life, as she began to grow up, she learned many times over, to try so very very hard not to give it away too easily. But you see, this was hard for Wendy, as she simply loved to love. Be it others, or music, the flowers, the smell of the ocean ( even if that nasty ol Hook and his minions were on the horizon!! ), beautifully violent storms, giving and receiving smiles,… oh, her list could go on and on, and on ( and on and on and so forth, as she was accustom to doing!!! ), but one could never doubt that Wendy had a large heart, full of love and wonderment.

The one constant of her heart, were the countless scars cast upon it by the many blind, childish, frightened Peter Pans, Lost Boys, and various pirates. All the same, all silly, all unseeing till long after she had wandered off to repair what lay left of her sweet mangled heart, and, and only then, do they see, and by that time, it was far too late! Wendy learned that although she resides in a place between Neverland and the “real” world, that when it came to matters of the heart, she could only go forward, there was no reverse in her hearts mechanisms. And when it was too late, and these funny little boys came clamouring for her heart once again, she could only shake her head and sigh, such a pity, what a shame.

Although she is alone, she is not lonely, her heart having not abandoned her, and she as always, promising her heart that she will never allow it to grow to be that of stone, she kept watch and tended to it so that it may thrive and heal and grow to love even stronger.

Wendy knew, that just like she, there is a man who also resides between the here and there, and at some point, they shall tumble upon one another, and then that, shall be a whole other tale!!